Southern Sky Studio

Art by Teresa Johnson

One of my favorite things to do is to paint on old wood taken from a barn, a smoke house, an old fence on a farm or the farm house itself. This wood has so much history in it and still, so much life left in it.  Yet, it is about to be torn down or burned and forgotten.

When I see one of these great structures being burned down, I want a piece of it, I want to give it new life.

The day I decided I would continue living is the day my art became alive, I found my purpose in this life and I began to live.  Instead of being torn down and forgotten, my art has given me new life. 

Thank you so much for visiting my page and viewing my work.  Please follow me through my newsletter as I grow as an artist, live my purpose and attempt to inspire and encourage others to live among and share the beauty that surrounds us and lives within us all.

Select pieces are made available as prints.  Please visit my page on zazzle to shop for prints and other lovely products decorated with my art.


A Centerpoint automated portfolio.
All works copyright © 2017 Teresa Johnson.